Family or Couple Photography Session...What Should I Wear?

Guys, the amount of times I get this question is insane. If you're nervous about what to wear to your next photo shoot, don't worry, you are NOT alone. So many people are lost on where to even start when they are picking outfits. Don't worry, I'm here to make your decision a little less stressful and give you some guidelines on what is going to look best and last the test of time. 


Now, if you just HAVE to have baby girl wear the most perfect floral dress you've ever seen, that's completely fine, but make sure NO ONE else is wearing any sort of pattern. The last thing you want to do is have too many patterns that clash when everyone is together in one photo. I actually do love a good pattern, as long as it's the only one there. Solids are always, AWAYS, a good bet. Another rule with solids is to try to stick to neutrals. Bright colors or pastels are going to date your image,  or make one person be the focus of every single picture. Grey, navy, mustard, dark green, maroon,black, and white are always a good choice and tend to look amazing. 




After picking good neutrals, the BEST THING YOU CAN DO, is to stay away from logos. The last thing you want to see is little Timmy's nike swoosh 10 years down the road when you're looking back at your pictures. Any logo t-shirt is going to look 100 times better if that logo is no where to be found. I promise you. You don't need to go really fancy by any means. These photos should represent who YOU are, even if that means really comfy. Just pick the t-shirt that has no branding. 



Now this doesn't necessarily mean dress down. If you are really comfortable in heels and a dress, then wear that! I want you to be comfortable as you are. If you always wear tennis shoes and jeans, don't come to a session in heels and a dress that makes you feel like you're faking who you are. You want to feel your best, and if you're uncomfortable in what you're wearing, it'll show in your pictures. Be authentic to who you are, and find something within these rules that you would wear on a decently normal day. 



Last but not least, look at what the weather is going to be the day of your shoot. Here in Texas, the days can get INCREDIBLY hot. Your kids, and you, don't want to be sweating the entire time you're shooting just because you REALLY liked your long sleeve dress you bought this past winter. It may look beautiful, but the sweat stains might not. Dress appropriately for the temperature that day. If it's cold, maybe think of bringing some layers you can put on or remove depending on how you feel and to get some different options throughout the shoot. 


I hope this helped in figuring out the best outfits to wear for your next photography session. This is something that causes a lot of people stress, but it doesn't need to! Have fun, and follow the basic rules! You'll look amazing!



Brittany GilbertComment