Trip to Dublin, Ireland Part 1


So if you know me, you know my husband and I REALLY…and I mean REALLY…love to travel. We got to go visit Ireland at the end of February and it was seriously so amazing. We drank all the beers, ate all the food, visited all the libraries, and got to be pampered in a castle…A CASTLE PEOPLE.


First stop was a little bar right next to our hostel. ALSO. THE GENERATOR HOSTEL WAS BEAUTIFUL! But loud…I mean, I know it’s gonna be loud, but why do you have to sing AT THE TOP OF YOUR VOICE FROM 11-2 AM. alright. Rant over. This little bar was precious and I kicked Scott’s butt at connect4 and we tried to understand an awesome Scottish guy. It was a day.

Loving all the artwork around the city.

Loving all the artwork around the city.


AND ONE OF MY FAVORITE PLACES BY FAR. My little bibliophile heart couldn’t even handle the beauty of the Long Room at the Trinity College Library. I tried to steal a couple but ya know…I think they frown upon kidnapping. After the Long Room we went down to look at the Book of Kelles, which is illustrated SO BEAUTIFULLY.

The BEAUTIFUL gallery of Ireland

The BEAUTIFUL gallery of Ireland


You can’t go to Ireland without trying whiskey. We stumbled upon the Irish Whiskey Museum when we were walking home from the gallery and GUYS. I have never learned so much about whiskey. They age it for 3 years and 1 day (so it’s aged longer than Scotland, who has to age theirs for 3 years) and back in the day they used to have 3 day funerals to make sure the person was really dead, not just suffering from methane poisoning. Ya know…obviously. The guy sang traditional irish songs down in the bar and was phenomenal. Basically the best ending to a fantastic day.


Before we had the MOST AMAZING PHOTOSHOOT OF ALL TIME (more to come on that duh), we stopped off at a church and the light came in through the stained glass and then my head exploded.


and now…the moooment that was seriously the best decision ever. I knew I wanted some pictures of the two of us that weren’t up close selfies of our face. I mean we cute, but it’s a lot of of closeness. I reached out and found Jess McGhie who literally made every single one of our dreams come true. I couldn’t have made a BETTER decision. Now enjoy these amazing images she captured of us weirdos.

AND YES…we forced her to go BACK to the gallery because it was so awesome. And look out for PART 2, CUZ IT’S COMING SOOOOON!

Brittany Gilbert