Trip to Ireland, Part 2


So when I left off, I was talking about how amazing Jess is and that she took the pictures of my dreams….buuuttt only gave you one image. I know, supes rude. So NOW, here are MORE images so you can drool over them like I did!

so yeaaahhhh if you’re ever traveling and you think you want a photographer, PLEASE DO IT. It was an amazing thing to get to capture one of our trips and something that is so close to our heart. And if you’re in Manchester, London, or Ireland, PLEASE HIRE JESS BECAUSE OMG.


We drove over to the west coast for a night outside of Dublin. We took the train to Galway, had breakfast, and then rented a car to drive to Ashford Castle in Cong. 1. Ireland roads are TINY. 2. Driving on the wrong side of the road IS AS HARD as you would think it would be. I had to remind Scott to move over so he didn’t end up off the side of the road. I’ve never clenched a door harder. But even though the drive was a liiiiiittle scary, it was so so worth it. Seeing the countryside and the little sheep dotting a SERIOUSLY breathtaking, green view was perfect. This castle you guys…what dreams are made of. Literally.

First things first, we got a beer and some lunch

First things first, we got a beer and some lunch


After the most AMAZINNNNNG lunch, we wandered the grounds for a little bit before we had to head over to our hawk walk. Oh…you read that right. A HAWK WALK. We got to spend an hour roaming the castle grounds, each with our own hawk who would fly off, then come back for a little piece of meat. I’ve never been happier. Like yeah, our wedding was awesome, BUT OMG A HAWK PET. I WAS BASICALLY DANY, MOTHER OF HAWKS.


Also, little plug for those boots I’m wearing. They are really cute and SO COMFORTABLE. They’re Northface Lace Up Boots, and I got them at BackCountry and they are truly worth every penny. I now have them in two colors :) I walked all over the place in them, here and in Finland, and my feet never hurt.


So Ashford Castle was literally a dream. We loved it SO INCREDIBLY MUCH, that we changed our plans and decided to stay there another night. The morning of our second day, we headed out to the Cliffs of Moher and it was a liiiitttttle windy.


We found another small castle on the way back so stopped there for a hot minute. That night, we headed back to the castle, had a cellar wine tasting, a delicious dinner in the basement (AMAZING STEAK) and a few more drinks in the library. uuuuuuunfortunately I got REALLY sick the next day, and other than throwing up all over the great country of Ireland, I didn’t do a lot more. My husband got to go to Guiness while I died a slow death in the hostel. The next day we got on a plane and flew home! I can’t WAIT to go back and see more of this amaaaazing country.

Brittany Gilbert