Pallyn + Kyle Lucky Spur Ranch Wedding


I’ve known Pallyn since we were 12 and playing basketball in middle school. Honestly, I hadn’t seen her in about 10 years, and after our high school reunion, we started talking again. She introduced me to Kyle, who was a goofy, loving guy who seriously just stared at Pallyn like the queen she is. Their day was magic, love, laughter, and honestly, one heck of a party. I asked Pallyn to describe her wedding for me, and I don’t think she could’ve said it any better.

“How do you describe a perfect day? Is it one surrounded by family and friends? Maybe one that has perfect weather, not too hot but not too cold. Maybe a rainbow followed by a very well timed drizzle and followed up with one heck of a thunderstorm. I tried to not picture my BIG day in the weeks leading up, I just wanted to go with the flow. Everyone tells you how nervous you’re going to be, I kept thinking the whole time any moment now I’m going to be flushed with nerves. Nope... not even for a second. Waiting in the reception hall behind the mammoth 14 foot doors, I can honestly say my soul had so much peace. I was with all of the people I loved the most, and in ten minutes I just had to walk down the gravel path to be with him. Meanwhile trying to help my poor daddy keep it together. I’m usually not one who likes to stand in front of large crowds or really even be the center of attention, but while walking down I didn’t even notice the two hundred something people, I just saw my husband. All, still mind you, while focusing on not tripping and taking out my father and niece who were walking with me. Everything was perfect. The reception was a beautiful rustic glam, that I don’t feel there is a good enough description to truly express how phenomenal it was. The 80s cover band full of my dads high school friends lead us late into the night with sharp dressed man and a little bit of mustang sally. The limbo line created with a tie, and the massive conga line just made the party that much more. The amount of love we felt throughout the night from our family and friends was overwhelming. It was the embodiment of what every couple should feel on their big day.”

Brittany GilbertRight Post